Using Firm Blogs to Enhance Your Practice Visibility

Using Firm Blogs to Enhance Your Practice Visibility

More and more midsize law firms are creating blogs. This makes good sense, as blogs are one of the best ways to promote specialized expertise. Interested clients can find your substantive content quickly and if the blog is updated regularly – at least once a week – you will maintain consistent visibility with prospects interested in the subject matter. Blogs do not have to be overwhelming: a 500-word blog entry is ideal and the tone should be conversational and informal. And getting your firm’s blog live can be very cost – effective, especially if you use a common and reliable platform like WordPress to house your blog.

If you already have a blog, how can you ensure a strong readership base?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Include the option of blog visitors subscribing to the blog via RSS
  2. Include the option of blog visitors requesting blog updates via email. This task can be easily automated with an inexpensive email resource like Constant Contact.
  3. Reference the blog on the home page of your website
  4. Feature the blog posts on your firm’s LinkedIn page, click here to see how our client Carlson Caspers does this.

Also, consider including a brief statement about why the blog was created or the focus for the posts to appear on the blog homepage. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance understanding of your firm’s strengths and the statement should pique the interest of visitors so that they then click through to the firm’s website. This activity can be tracked through Google analytics.

You can also promote the blog through a special service closely allied with LinkedIn called JD Supra. Click here for an example of how our friends at Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel use JD Supra and LinkedIn to enhance their specialized practice visibility.

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