Marketing materials can be a necessary evil, or a valuable component of your business-development toolkit. Consider these scenarios:


  • A client or prospect asks, “Can you send me more information?” and you say, “Of course!” Then, the game begins. You grab text from an old PowerPoint, the tagline from an ad, throw in a few email addresses and phone numbers, print the document on letterhead and send it off—hoping all the while that no pages are missing.


  • A client or prospect asks, “Can you send me more information?” and you say, “Of course!”. You lift the hood on your laptop, browse through a few folders, and identify relevant content carefully written in advance. Some documents are designed and laid out for maximum impact; others can be created on the fly using a well-made template. A few more clicks and voilà—the email is on its way, containing a package of materials that answers the client’s questions and tell your story powerfully.


We help get you to the second scenario. Here’s how:


First, we’ll ask you for some information about what you’re trying to communicate and to whom. We’ll ask about your competitors, and we’ll research what’s working for other professionals in a similar niche.


Next, we’ll present options on the substance of the communications, identify the best channels to distribute the information, and find ways to help you stay within budget.


Finally, we pull all your marketing materials into a cohesive package. We can draft the content based on your input, design the piece for print or digital use, source email and mailing lists, and arrange printing or production and delivery. We’ll help you ensure your marketing materials are easily customized for specific business opportunities. With digital printing and online flipbooks, there is no reason to feel guilty about that box of expensive and unused brochures in the back room.


In a bind? We’re there for you. Our designers and writers can work nights and weekends to help you meet an important deadline. The final product will be clean, crisp, and professional.