We understand what it takes to start a new business and run a successful law firm. Before launching our enterprise, the Liftoff team spent years in senior, in-house leadership positions at some of the largest and best-known national and global business law firms. In 2010, we formed our company in response to what’s been termed the Law 2.0 trend—distinctive, memorable, and perfectly executed partners leaving larger general practice firms to form specialized boutique firms.


It’s not all apples and roses, however. A key challenge facing entrepreneurial lawyers is how to best market their new firm while running a successful business and servicing clients. Every law firm start-up needs to get its message out quickly and effectively to existing and potential clients, but most cannot afford senior in-house marketing support—nor do they need such full-time resources. Big agencies sound attractive, but they can be costly, difficult to manage, and often lack true understanding of your business and its role in the legal-services marketplace.


Liftoff is a lean, focused alternative. We can quickly assess your marketing structure, identify critical needs, and help you implement the tools necessary to communicate effectively with clients and prospects. Then we leave without adding to your fixed overhead. If you need us for any other reason—to take advantage of emerging social media opportunities, to create focused materials for a one-time event, or to reassess your marketing strategy as your firm continues to succeed—we’re there. Ready to help.