Tyrhone, our web designer and developer, has more than fifteen years’ experience with digital design and marketing. He began his career designing custom digital artwork for a large architectural company in Perth, Australia.


Tyrhone then moved into web design, creating sites and blogs for Australian companies. After mastering the latest digital technologies, he developed an intuitive and efficient development and maintenance process for creating our clients’ websites.


Tyrhone has designed a dozen custom sites for Liftoff, all using the WordPress platform. He adapts site design to each client’s specific needs and budget. He maintains constant availability for site updates, ensuring any questions or requests are dealt with in a timely, friendly, and informative fashion.


Tyrhone has traveled extensively around Australia, Southeast Asia, China, Central America, the US and now Europe. He is a bit of an adrenaline junkie who  can be seen flying over the beach in his paramotor, or jumping off mountains with his paraglider.

quotes    Tyrhone designs custom WordPress websites and blogs with an intuitive and cost-effective development process. Our clients can easily update his sites directly and he is always available for more difficult edits or updates.   quotes