Buyers of professional services no longer simply rely on referrals or local presence to find their advisors. They look first for a reputation of specialized expertise before reaching out to develop relationships, which has dramatically changed the way service providers must market themselves.


We understand this shift, and we have developed a program to help lawyers and consultants systematically develop new business by carving out a credible, sustainable niche. After all, promoting your practice to a targeted audience has many benefits. It provides focus for your business development time and dollars, and it reduces competition for your clients. When you’re positioned as an expert you’ll be perceived as more valuable, which can translate into higher fees.


Our program uses real-life examples and provides concrete ideas across a range of business development styles and experience levels.

We help you:


• Evaluate your current clients and determine where you should spend your non-billable time
• Find a niche that is large enough to support your practice goals
• Learn how to develop a strong network of contacts and a unique profile
• Write and implement an individual marketing plan
• Leverage resources within your firm, learning how to get more business from existing clients
• Gain visibility and traction as a specialist in your chosen niche
• Use your niche to land new clients.


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