In 2014, the International Alliance of Law Firms launched a marketing effort aimed at in-house counsel. Twenty-four firms in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Europe funded the project and we were retained to develop and execute the marketing strategy.


With an ambitious 18-month agenda, we moved quickly to do the following:


• Develop a trade name and choose a domain
• Create a group website to position participating firms as a resource for global clients
• Launch a business blog to promote each firm’s expertise to clients and contacts
• Develop social media sites for the initiative
• Prepare marketing support materials, including a brochure, firm profiles, and press releases
• Formulate client service standards and test these with a client focus group
• Publicize the effort to firms in the larger network to build support and understanding
• Design tools and a process to support member outreach to their clients and contacts


The strategy and tactics we developed were well received by member firms across the network. Eighteen months after project initiation, the network voted to integrate the Ally Law strategy across the organization.


We expanded the website, social media sites, and marketing materials and rolled out the organization’s new global brand in August 2016. We continue to manage their blog, social media sites, group website, internal communications, and all business development support efforts.


See Ally Law for more information.