We serve as a virtual and fractional marketing department for law firms, healthcare companies and consulting firms. We also provide interim support during a hiring freeze or staff vacancy or when our clients just need overflow project help.


The benefits can be boiled down to time, money, and results.


In today’s marketplace, every second counts. When chances to promote your brand or increase your visibility arise, they won’t be around for long. Because marketing is what we do and all that we do, we keep our eyes focused on the path ahead and help you pounce on social media, advertising, PR and other opportunities before they pass you by.


Many companies simply aren’t large enough to afford full-time marketing staff. That doesn’t mean they don’t need sophisticated advice on acquiring new clients, building an image of specialization, or increasing their visibility. We help our clients make the most of their resources by focusing on what activities and initiatives will make an impact.


None of this matters if you don’t get results. We help clients connect the dots, using sophisticated tracking and analytical tools to identify what works, what doesn’t, and where they can step up their game.


Our virtual marketing department services include:


  • Developing a high-performance marketing strategy.
  • Tracking expenditures to ensure alignment with the marketing plan and overall business goals.
  • Drafting distinctive and focused marketing and business development materials.
  • Answering everyday questions –  “How often should I update my LinkedIn profile?” or  “Should we sponsor this event?”
  • Implementing client satisfaction and feedback programs.
  • Developing new business pitches and proposals.
  • Executing effective community, media and public relations programs.
  • Helping the firm elevate its profile among key prospective clients.


We start our work with an onsite assessment of your needs and opportunities for improvement. We develop a priority action list, identifying what’s essential and what can be safely deferred, and determine a monthly retainer based on your budget. Then the real work begins: executing projects, answering adhoc questions and launching new initiatives begins.


We keep a careful eye on the agreed retainer. In this way, our clients enjoy a predictable budget, a dedicated team, and constant progress on key initiatives.