Our clients go head-to-head with large, well-known companies and firms. To succeed, they must look and feel as sophisticated as the competition, without a big branding budget or lots of name recognition.


We help clients perform the critical task of developing an effective corporate brand. Our team will design a distinctive, memorable, and perfectly executed corporate identity for your enterprise.


Our process starts with an in-depth discussion about why our client started their company and what their customers think about the service or product they sell. We then design the company’s basic identity with specific fonts, colors, and imagery that convey these ideas with subtlety and power. We also create a logo and a tagline and marry these with a style guide so company identity is displayed consistently across all media and platforms.


This means the typeface must reproduce clearly, whether it’s in an e-signature, a business card, or a webpage. Collateral must be fresh and contemporary. Nothing can look dated. The colors can’t be off, and the font can’t be too unusual or tricky. Finally, all components must work well together, whether they make up a website or a printed invitation to a seminar.


Sometimes, companies need brand maintenance. They may have tried a “homegrown” approach, hiring their babysitter who’s studying graphic design in college, sponsoring a logo contest on Facebook, or buying a $49 logo from an instant logo website. This is risky. The artist might withhold the artwork. The logo might be plagiarized. Too often, the result simply looks like hell. We can help, cleaning your existing brand so it communicates the quality of your products or services.


Bottom line: When corporate identities are professionally created and executed, your company’s image steps into the big leagues on a marketing platform that is secure for growth.