We help clients tell their story to the world. Whether it’s a new firm launch, a big client win, or the repositioning of an existing business, we make sure the media receives and understands your unique message.


We start by understanding your objectives. Do you want—or need—broad coverage in trade publications, or in-depth local or regional coverage? What are the advantages of an extended feature story on your business, written by a respected industry reporter, as opposed to getting your company’s press releases woven into larger trend articles?


Once we’re clear on your goals, we find the right vehicle for your message. This can be as straightforward as a standard, proven-value press release that announces an office relocation or as elaborate as a custom survey on issues affecting your clients.


We develop a media and PR timeline and source distribution lists of editors, reporters, bloggers, and others who want to communicate your message to their readers and subscribers. We do the “real work” of creating a piece that communicates your news or viewpoint. This is refined to ensure that the message and the medium are coordinated, and then we roll out the campaign.


Then we measure success. What was the impact of the effort? Did it achieve your goals? Who covered your story? How did your customers respond? Because the news cycle is, indeed, a cycle, we also help you plan for the next round by repurposing existing coverage to extend your visibility further.


Here’s what we don’t do: We don’t charge a monthly PR retainer fee in the traditional mold, where you pay an astronomical amount for a certain number of traditional press releases. We go at it from another direction, with the belief that media coverage is just one element in a well-balanced marketing communications plan. In practice, this can mean less emphasis on press coverage and more attention to blogs, e-newsletters, social media, and targeted speaking or writing opportunities—matching the need to the moment and the media.