We love helping savvy entrepreneurs succeed, and like many of our clients, we’re convinced bigger isn’t better.

Liftoff is your virtual full-service marketing department. Our team includes senior marketing strategists, web and graphic designers, writers, event planners and social media specialists with deep experience in the legal and healthcare sectors. We have worked together for years. We know who sends drafts at midnight and the name of the dog who offers an occasional woof during staff calls. But clearly, the benefits of our virtual structure go beyond the comfort of a home office. Keeping overhead low translates into more value for our clients— more bang for your marketing buck.


Turnkey marketing services for ambitious professional service firms. 

We act as a virtual outsourced marketing department for clients who aren’t large enough to have an experienced in-house team. Our unique model provides deep resources and broad support when needed, without long-term obligations or a significant overhead commitment. Sometimes our support is high-level and strategic— we help our clients define their business strategy or name their new product. Just as often, the support is tactical and straightforward— we rewrite a critical PowerPoint or keep the company blog updated. 


We work with professional service firms that punch above their weight, including many lawyers and technology consultants.

Our clients are typically newer companies or firms started by senior professionals who must hit the ground running with a sophisticated web presence and corporate identity. Many are a few years old and have gotten too busy to handle marketing and sales on their own. We help them get their marketing program organized and functioning smoothly. We also work with mature companies on an interim basis, covering staff vacancies or tackling a critical project. In this way, our clients enjoy a full complement of marketing resources and support without long-term obligation or significant overhead commitment.




Tips and tools to fuel business development in your firm.

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Service is everything. We’ll work nights, weekends, and holidays to help you succeed.